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Briefly Trying out Travis CI
Tags: English Dev

Travis CI is another tool that I gave a try and after a short glance I already dropped it. From a technical point of view it seems quite useful. Nevertheless, I did not come to the point to check those details.

When I set up my first project from Github to use Travis CI I learned about Paid Credits and OSS Credits. As it seems, I came in at an time of change, esp. when they introduced a new pricing model. No more free easy building for OSS prejects. (Read details at The Register.)

The new pricing model is not unusual. AFAIK Azure and AWS dev accounts work similiar: you get a initial credit line for a trial period after which you change plan or buy more credits. It is absolutely fine when being a dev that evaluates the service for his day work. But it is not much of use for the average little hobby OSS project. I, personally , will not invest mentally into a tool without knowing if the case-by-case decision will declare my project as eligible for free OSS credits.

Dear service companies: You may prioritize your paying customers. You may restrict the resources for free projects. But if you promise some free service, make sure it can be used without hassle and with transparent conditions.

Now, what are the alternatives?

  • A quick web search delivered no real replacement of Travis CI. Every contender had some serious CONs.
  • If your projects are hosted on Github or Gitlab, you can use the integrated free services Github Actions resp. Gitlab CI/CD.
  • Last but not least: For homebrew software projects the good old local build may be sufficient.