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First impressions: VSCode, WSL, Git ...
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After some hours playing around with VSCode, WSL2 and the “Remote WSL” extension, I’ve to admire that the MS devs got a lot of things magically right. Mostly you won’t see the break between WIndows and Linux. Here some small impressions:

  • If you have installed Git for Windows, you can even use the (Cygwin) credential manager in the WSL2 environment to access the Windows system credential store.

  • Filesystem change events wont get propagated from Windows native file system through the mount points like /mnt/c. So VSCode SCM or Jekyll won’t notice changed workspace files. There are already some open issues at github:

    Currently the only solution is moving your workspaces onto linux native file systems. A small side challenge may arise, if you prefer your workspaces on a non-system disk. The MS Store installed distributions reside per default on the system disk. You can move your distro to another folder using wsl.exe:

    • Export the distro using wsl --export.
    • Reimport the distro using wsl --import and supplying the desired location.
    • Side side challenge: The reimported distro does not have all the required settings in the registry. You must manually update the value HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Lxss\{distro-uuid}\DefaultUid to your desired login user Uid. The user you created when initialising the distro after download should have Uid=1000.