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Todoist: Finally a Todo Tool for Me?
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Recently I found the Task-App Todoist mentioned in an article at Golem.de. I had already tried it the last time and possibly ditched it for one needs the premium version to get the full feature set and avoid the occasional “buy premium” hint.

This time I investigated the tool more thoroughly. The eye catcher was the Google Calendar 2-way sync. I gave it a second chance and, after some search, found the link to start the 30-day-trial of premium.

For now it looks like my task tool of choice:

  • The 2-way sync with Google Calendar works mostly like a charme. Rarely it produces a duplicate. I got all my old tasks imported into Todoist. Then I resynced into new calendars and droped the old ones.
  • One could argue that I do not need the premium features, but the label feature makes task organisation a bit more convenient and I want to honor the effort of operating the system.
  • The basic handling feels well designed and Todoist integrates as well into my personal workflow.
  • Nice feature: markdown formatting of task titles.

What can improved?

  • There are some key bindings I miss, e.g. some “show today”.
  • Recurrent tasks in Todoist work a bit different from recurrent events in Calendar: I’d like an option to see future occurences of tasks.
  • Defining recurrence by textual input works well, but occasionally I miss something like the appointment series editor UI of Outlook.
  • Also: more complex recurrences would be fine: e.g. “every 3rd monday every 2nd month”.