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Todo or not or Calendar?
Tags: English Blog Google Internet Productivity

Every once in a while I wonder, if there’s something better than Google Calendar to track my todos. Some days ago, I was again browsing through the depths of todo and list management services. And: as you might expect - I found nothing. In most cases, one or another feature was premium only or completely missing. Often the workflow was not less awkward as with Calendar. And so I’m still fine with Google Calendar, organizing my todos with a set of calendars aka projects and colors for tagging/labeling. Even Google’s own companion apps “Tasks” and “Keep” don’t integrate seemlessly with my calendar workflow.

Google could merge Calendar/Task/Keep to a useful Planning app if they would allow sub events, simple workflow tags (open, in progress, done) and/or checklists in event body. And if you are on it, Google, please reduce the number of clicks necessary in Android to do simply tasks like moving a event (e.g. long-press to directly edit the event). And I’d like it very much if the month view could scroll vertical by week, to have a better view on month boundaries.