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Deponia: To Bug or not a Bug?
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When I discovered, that there’s a 4th part (although already three years old, somehow missed it back then) of the Deponia-series, I immediately began to replay the first three parts so I could continue fresh into the last one.

But Stop

…either my memory was not so accurate or I did stumble across a bug as soon as in the earliest part of the first game. In detail: I could not enter the mayors office. Movement arrow showed up, but Rufus simply did not enter the room. Old save games did not help either. In desperation I even consulted some guides, but according to those: all requisites were met. I concluded that I possibly did find a Win10-related bug. I will not speculate if Win10 is the main reason or the game-code, but I will give a…


When I frustrated began to click wildly, assuming somehow differing areas for triggering the arrow and the actual transition or some intersection with the Wenzel-sprite in front, suddenly Rufus entered the office. But without transition animation. I left the mayors office and rechecked:

  • single click = no transition,
  • double click = transition into new room.

Collateral discovery

A double click skips the transition animation and may speed up gameplay when entering a door far away. Plus it may skip some bugs.