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The Aspire A5 RJ45-port
Tags: English Hack Aspire

Not really a hack

…but an advice.

The Acer Aspire A515 is quite thin, so there’s not enough room for a full height RJ45-port. For this reason the Aspire 5 has a low-profile LAN-port with a hinged lid. I did not expect this to be some problem. But it became one just when I tried to plug in the LAN-cable. WTF? The connector won’t fit? Even with the lid down? Are there different variants of RJ45-plugs? Something like “slim LAN cables”?

Advice part 1: When googling, you may find references to an adapter for a combined LAN/VGA-port. False trace, at least for my A5-version. The engraving besides the port clearly and only states: LAN-port. Further, that adapter would have been in the packaging. Rechecked: nothing left.

Advice part 2: After some minutes of probing and trying I found the solution. You can very, very carefully find an angle where the plug fits without resistance. I cannot describe the detailed parameters. As Master Yoda says: “Feel yourself the force you must.”