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Disable Edge Autostart on Login
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Recently (and very much annoyingly) MS Edge started to show up after every Windows restart and user sign-in. The phenomenon was a bit mysterious since Edge did ignore any obvious autostart settings and did not show up under the usual autostart config locations.(*)

After almost a day of internet search and many futile attempts to solve the problem I finally found a working solution. Well, you always find the solution at the end of your journey, don’t you?

On the registry key


set the value AutoRunOnLogon=0. (See also KOH_089’s answer in this thread.)

You may also consider analog modification of the neighbouring keys:


(*) Further speculations:

  • One commenter proposed to simply rename the Edge-executable. When I did this, Edge did show up under Settings/Apps/Startup. So I assume it is deliberately hidden by MS.
  • Since the registry key refers to EdgeUpdate, I assume one could also disable the respective entries found using the SysInternals tool Autoruns.