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Local Multi Module Development in VSCode and Go
Tags: English Dev Vscode Golang

Recently I was developing two Go modules in parallel: Module A had module B as a dependency. Since module B was still in local development, I did neither want to push every local change nor even commit it locally.

The solution to this can easily be googled/binged/duckduckgoed/…: Just use the replace directive to point module B to a local path.

module a

require module-b

replace module-b => local-path-to-b

With this, the Go tools should use the current version of your local copy of B.

But there was some unexpected challenge: Working in module A seemed to use always some cached version of module B…

After some trial and error, I nailed it down to:

  • having open two workspaces in two separate VSCode windows
  • reloading workspace A updates the dependency B

So, the solution is: Have both modules in the same workspace. VSCode will then happily detect changed dependency sources.


To develop a dependency locally:

  • Use a temporary local go.mod file with a replace directive pointing to your local dependency.
  • Temporarily add the dependency to your workspace.

Update 2022-10-01

Maybe no longer necessary => to be reevaluated.