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Disable KDE Speech Dispatcher
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Some updates ago the KDE Audio Mixer began to behave strangely. Or better: It did show the strange behaviour of something called “speech dispatcher”: An increasing number of audio sources showed up in the mixer panel. Annoying.

When I tried to uninstall it, I saw that half of KDE was dependant from it. So I started the most secret hacker tool ever: Google (or in my case actually: DuckDuckGo). The helpful result is this thread:

arojas 2017-02-03 13:32:33

an4oud wrote:

Howto disable speech-dispatcher (autostart) or remove him?

$ mkdir -p ~/.config/speech-dispatcher && echo “DisableAutoSpawn” » ~/.config/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf

Or, in other words, create a file ~/.config/speed-dispatcher/speechd.conf containing the line: