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Keyboard Hack for the Aspire 5
Tags: English Hack Aspire

On the current Aspire 5 15”-series (A515-52) Acer managed to fit a full number pad into the keyboard. What I realized only after I bought it: The keys “page up”, “page down”, “home” and “end” are only on the numpad. Toogling with “num lock” is not the solution. Alas, you also cannot temporary toggle the “num lock” state with Fn…

An internet search produced images of other Aspire keyboards that have those keys - available via Fn-Layer on the topmost row. Even my good old Asus EeePC 900 got the said keys - as a Fn layer on the arrow keys. But the Fn layer on the cursor keys of the Aspire consists of those useless media Keys “start/stop”, “pause”, “next”, “prev”.

This was the point, when I remembered, that I did already employ the solution to silence the “caps lock”: SharpKeys (Github). It cannot remap all hardware switches, only those that have a scancode. But the media keys on the cursor keys provide scan codes for Fn + <arrow>, so you can easily remap them with SharpKeys: