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Hello, I’m Sören Köhler and this is my newest iteration in blogs. It shall in the first place be a landing page to my humble coding projects. Further I’ll occasionally write down some thoughts (or rants) about life, the universe and everything else.

Why another one?

Don’t you already have pages on Wordpress, Smugmug Google+, …? What about Facebook?

  • Facebook is, well, Facebook. The internet’s equivalent of a crowded pub: Always good for some funny smalltalk and cat pictures, not so for deeper thought.

  • Google+ would have been fine, wouldn’t it be in progress of shut down in the near future.

  • Wordpress was a long-time home. Same: Smugmug for my photos. But with the advent of the EU-GDPR, I cancelled both services to wait and watch how the new regulation would play out in the long.

And now?

Since most of my publishing would concern things I’ve hosted on Github, I tried Github Pages. It does exactly what I need: Takes text files in a git repo, transforms them into plain, fast HTML, no plugins, no ads, very few attack vectors for hackers and lawyers. Also, I prefer Markdown over the (increasing) WYSIWYG-approach of Wordpress.